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Favorites The Millers - Season 2 (2014)

The Millers - Season 2 (2014) HD
The Millers - Season 2 (2014)
Year, country:
Gregory Thomas Garcia
J.B. Smoove, Margo Martindale, Nelson Franklin,
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The plot of the series "Miller in a Divorce" revolves around the Miller family. A respectable couple, their son Nathan and daughter Daby. Nathan’s family life did not work out, he broke the bonds of marriage and decided to immerse himself in all the charms of a bachelor life. The older Millers decided to follow the example of their son and live for some time in a divorce. It is from this moment that a series of funny situations, comical incidents and all kinds of adventures begins. In general, the picture tells about the relationship between parents and their adult children. The Miller family does not stand out against the general background of thousands of similar families in the United States. Stable income, sufficient family life experience. They have two adult children, son Nathan and daughter Debi. Matured children are constantly faced with excessive parental care; family life is still not going well here. After a minor accident that occurred in the Miller’s house, they decide to live with the children during the repair. The room in the house of Debi didn’t unsettle them, so they came to Nathan. Then the son’s divorce, hidden for three years, opened. Nathan’s father sees this as a real masculine act, his mother considers the incident a little different. As a result, there is a quarrel between the Milera seniors, the mother remains with Nathan, the father leaves for his daughter. And while the parents sort things out and try to arrange the lives of the children, Nathan and Ebi dream about the moment when the parents return to their home ..

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