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Favorites Grown Ups 2 (2014)

Grown Ups 2 (2014) HD
Grown Ups 2 (2014)
Year, country:
Dennis Dugan
Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock
1h 41min
FilmsCLUB.org - Grown Ups 2 (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

Lenny Feder decides to leave with his families from the bustling Los Angeles in his native picturesque town, where his best friends still live: Eric, Marcus and Kurt. Life in a small town is quiet and calm, and children can ride bicycles to school without fear that they will fall into the stream of cars. However, friends cannot live a quiet life, so they find themselves a lot of entertainment that clearly does not teach their children good. Friends ride a slide on a huge tire, jump naked from a cliff and constantly compete with teenagers. This four is the best freaks in the city, and they are always ready to prove it to the rest ...

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