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Man Of Steel (2014) HD
Man Of Steel (2014)
Year, country:
Zack Snyder
Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon
2h 23min
FilmsCLUB.org - Man Of Steel (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

Jor-El is a respected member of the Scientific Council of the planet Krypton, who learns that very soon the core of the planet will explode and all the people will die. He tries to convey this information to the government, but the Council ignores his warnings. Then Jorl builds a spaceship with which he rescues Kal-El's son by sending him to another planet suitable for life, which turned out to be Earth. The boy falls into the family of Martha and Jonathan Kent and from early childhood reveals his superhuman abilities to new parents. Foster parents called the boy Clark and did everything to ensure that he grew up a good man. Many years later, Clark made good friends, work, a beloved girl, but he continued to feel like a stranger on Earth. He thinks more and more about his mission on this planet, and he becomes aware of it after General Zod attacks the Earth ...

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