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Oblivion (2013) HD
Oblivion (2013)
Year, country:
Joseph Kosinski
Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough
2h 4min
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Events unfold on Earth after a bloody war with aliens. The plot of "Oblivion" is built around a drone technician who is destined to save one woman who can change his life upside down. And everything happened as follows. Alien invaders invaded planet Earth like thunder from a clear sky. They drove people into shelters, from which they were taken out with the help of powerful equipment. Only a few tried to resist the attacks of the invaders. When the planet was completely destroyed, the aliens left. People were able to get out of hiding and try to start living from scratch. One man finds the wreckage of a NASA spaceship containing a wounded woman. He saves her, and she makes his life unique.