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Homefront (2013) HD
Homefront (2013)
Year, country:
Gary Fleder
Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder
1h 40min
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The plot turns out to be a former agent of the special services for the fight against drugs. The man's name is Phil Broker. He has been at the very center of events more than once during his career. The special agent looked directly at the drug dealers and, without experiencing any emotions, gave them to investigators for criminal prosecution. His career came to its logical conclusion, and the man decided to devote his entire remaining life to his beloved family. He, along with its members, even moved to another city to get rid of his past. But he could not even imagine what circumstances awaited him in this quiet and comfortable town.

As soon as Phil settled in the new house, he immediately recognized the true appearance of this locality. It turns out that violence, lawlessness and drugs are also in the first place here. Then the former special agent decides to challenge the drug cartels led by the drug lord nicknamed Alligator. A serious fight awaits him with a well-prepared villain, because he does not intend to give up to some visiting operative, especially the former.