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Beautiful Creatures (2013) HD
Beautiful Creatures (2013)
Year, country:
Richard LaGravenese
Alice Englert, Viola Davis, Emma Thompson
2h 4min
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Gatlin is a small provincial town whose inhabitants value and respect ancient traditions. They are very careful about visitors and hate when someone is different from others.

Lena Dulane is a girl whose family is not like the rest of the inhabitants of this town, which is why they became outcasts for local people. The whole population considers their family to be Satanists and tries to stay away from them. However, for a classmate Ethan, who dreams of breaking out of town and going to travel after graduation, Lina has always been an attractive and interesting girl. She very often dreams of him at night, and the guy is sure that this girl is destined for him. After some time, young people get closer and a real feeling flares up between them. But the more they fall in love with each other, the darker are the events happening around them ...