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Zombie Night (2013) HD
Zombie Night (2013)
Year, country:
John Gulager
Anthony Michael Hall, Daryl Hannah, Alan Ruck
1h 28min
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The dead rise only in the night. In any case, this is what happens in this film. Dead under the cover of night rise from the cemetery to terrify the locals. A small town that sprawls in glorious California was shocked by the invasion of zombies. They began to get up from their graves and burst right into the houses of the frightened townspeople. The dead do not know fear, because they have no feelings at all. They are just walking monsters, hungry for flesh and blood. It’s still so long before dawn, and all the time, during the night, you need to be extremely careful not to let a walking monster in your yard. Otherwise, the zombies will become even larger, because biting the victim, they turn it into a similar one. So far, there are still few dead, and against these creatures there is an army of angry residents who are ready to use any methods to get rid of the monsters that encroached on their peace of mind.