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Embrace Of The Vampire (2013)
Year, country:
Carl Bessai
Sharon Hinnendael, Kaniehtiio Horn, C.C. Sheffield
1h 31min
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A small town was shocked by a series of strange events. They began recently, with the arrival of a girl named Charlotte in this area. She came here to study. In appearance, the girl did not cause any suspicion. But soon she became aware of her illness. Charlotte has a rare blood disease, which not only kills the heroine’s health, but also affects others. At night, when everyone is sleeping, the girl suffers from nightmares. Charlotte cannot figure out if they are real or not. She cannot penetrate where the nightmare ends and real events begin. In the morning, the heroine finds herself sleeping not at all in her bed, but right on the street and, as often happens, far from her home. What is this apparently ordinary girl really like?