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Favorites Cherry, Harry & Raquel (1969)

Cherry, Harry & Raquel (1969)
Year, country:
Russ Meyer
Linda Ashton, Charles Napier, Larissa Ely
1h 11min
The film tells about drug smuggling on the border with Mexico, where Harry (Napier) serves as sheriff. He is “bought” by a local drug dealer. Cherry (Ashton) is his lover, and Raquel (Ely) is a lady who does not miss a single new man. When the ladies get tired of such a life and men, they start their lesbian games. Harry is looking for the Indian Yaki, who left the gang to work for himself. Their shootout is shot very bloody. Yaki later kills a Mexican gang member in another well-posed scene after an intense car chase. The dialogue does not really matter. The tape cost $ 90,000.
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