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Favorites Expelled (2014)

Expelled (2014) HD
Expelled (2014)
Year, country:
Alex Goyette
Cameron Dallas, Matt Shively, Lia Marie Johnson
1h 25min
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Felix is a young guy who most of all in his life does not like to study. At school, he spends all his time devising various pranks and pranks, as well as drafting cunning plans that allow him to get out of the water. But no matter how hard he tries, teachers and the director have long been aware of who exactly is behind the next trick. For two months the guy committed so many misconducts that the director simply had no other choice but to expel him from school. Now he can’t attend school, but this doesn’t bother Felix at all. From this moment, his main task is to hide his position from parents who do not even suspect that their son was expelled from school ...

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