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Favorites The Pirate Fairy (2014)

The Pirate Fairy (2014) HD
The Pirate Fairy (2014)
Year, country:
Peggy Holmes
Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Tom Hiddleston
1h 18min
The Pirate Fairy (2014) watch full movie online in HD on FilmsCLUB.org

The animated film "Fairies: The Mystery of the Pirate Island" introduces us to an incredible magical girl. People live in peace on an equal footing with them, not even realizing that they coexist next to fantastic creatures, fairies. They are small creatures of nature, possess special, magical capabilities. One of those is Zarina. You ask, where do they come from? So, the main character was born from the ringing laughter of a baby with a dandelion umbrella. Now the girl and all her relatives flew into the Fairy Valley, on the magical peninsula of Netland. There, the young creation tried a lot of things, until it became clear that her appointment was to be a craftswoman. Zarina, constantly found adventures, which is called on her own head. Her friends regularly rescued her from ridiculous situations. They help the girl to navigate in everything. And then the fairies got a hobby. All of them were far from the plain, on a huge peninsula, previously none of the fairies had to be there. Here the girls were able to understand their purpose, and found out who, whom and who is. True, Zarina decided to step over the others by fabrication. And this act had fraught consequences. What did the heroine do?

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