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Favorites Throwdown (2014)

Throwdown (2014) HD
Throwdown (2014)
Year, country:
Timothy Woodward Jr.
Vinnie Jones, Mischa Barton, Timothy Woodward Jr.
1h 26min
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The story revolves around the Size-To Bo who is a famous pugilist Judo. When he is at peak of his career, he suddenly quit to switch as an indulgent boss of a pub. Meanwhile, Tony, who is a judo champion  has heard about the reputations Sze-To Bo, so he come to Sze-To Bo to fight a battle. Not only that, the enemy of Sze-To Bo also come to fight an unfinished battle long ago with him.  Sze-To Bos teacher is also weak, his incompetent son want to rely on Sze-To Bo to reorganize and fame the dojo. What should he do to solve these troubles?
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