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Dead Drop (2013) HD
Dead Drop (2013)
Year, country:
R. Ellis Frazier
Luke Goss, Nestor Carbonell, Cole Hauser
1h 31min
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In the past, the main character was one of the CIA officers. For CIA agents, nothing should be impossible. These people are required to complete each task. And no one cares what sacrifices for this. The main character has to abandon his life. He needs to change his personality for the next business. The man is being introduced into a dangerous North Mexican smuggling gang. This business is very dangerous and may even be the last for the hero. However, so far everything is going according to plan. However, soon something happens that the former CIA officer did not expect at all. Betrayal ... And from the one whom he considered his best friend. The main character is exposed, after which they are thrown off the plane, which was at an altitude of one and a half kilometers. And all this was done at the hands of his best and faithful friend. Why did he do that? Oddly enough, but the former agent survives. He is recovering very quickly, because he is burned from within by a sense of revenge. He wants to find the one he used to call his friend, and begin his revenge. He will never forget such a betrayal. Yes, and how can you forget this? He is ready for anything, if only to find his "close" friend, who has now become the number one enemy. And it’s better not to get in his way. A former CIA officer will stop at nothing. The hour of retribution has come.
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