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Favorites Territory 8 (2013)

Territory 8 (2013) HD
Territory 8 (2013)
Year, country:
Kelly Schwarze
Michael Tushaus, Heung Wong, Stu Chaiken
1h 36min
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When the secret military plant, located in Nevada, began to be used for dangerous research, it never occurred to anyone how this could end. Covert experiments with chemical weapons called the White Agent are conducted under the supervision of the head of the laboratory, who decides to ensure that an accidental leak of a hazardous substance occurs. The man wants to conduct a full-scale test, not limited to the walls of the laboratory. As a result of the explosion of chemical weapons, all scientists and people nearby are in danger. The virus begins to spread rapidly through the premises of the plant, and part of the desert, under the supervision of the military, turns into a quarantine zone. Now this is “Territory number 8”, which is impossible to get out of. The plot focuses on several scientists who survived the explosion and are trying to get out of quarantine. Among other things, men need to find a cure so that the spread of the chemical does not lead to irreparable consequences.

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