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Favorites All Is Lost (2013)

All Is Lost (2013) HD
All Is Lost (2013)
Year, country:
J.C. Chandor
Robert Redford
1h 46min
All Is Lost (2013) watch full movie online in HD on FilmsCLUB.org

He always adored the sea, and did not miss a single chance to go to sea. And this time, the fearless sailor from the movie The hope online, which conquered almost all the sea spaces of our planet, did not quench, decided to go on another trip. This time he goes alone along the water surface of the warm Indian Ocean. And everything is going well, an experienced sailor is happy that he again conquered the next water surface. But his luck does not last long. One day, waking up in the morning, the sailor sees that his ship came across a container drifting in the waters of the ocean. A twelve-meter sailboat received a strong hole that cannot be patched with the tools that the sailor has. What to do next? The main character is in deep despair. He managed to scoop up all the water from the ship. But then a hurricane begins. The ship almost went under water, but a sailor cannot give up just like that. He scoops up water non-stop, not sparing his strength. Having managed to survive the hurricane, the sailor suffers the following failure, he is completely cut off from civilization. All the radio devices that were on board are in trouble, and he cannot fix them with improvised means. But this is not the whole problem. He runs out of food and water. The hot sun burns unbearably, and there is no way to hide from it. And then there are sharks who strive to grab their piece of food. The sailor does everything possible to save his life, but it is not easy. And at some point he decides to give up. But something prevents him from doing this. And he collects all the remnants of courage and goes forward, because he knows the sea like the back of his hand, he practically grew on it. And now what? To die from the fact that he loves so much? No, this is not about our hero. He comes up with a plan for his salvation. And his perseverance and willpower does not fail him.

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