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The Pretty One (2013) HD
The Pretty One (2013)
Year, country:
Jenée LaMarque
Zoe Kazan, Jake Johnson, Ron Livingston
1h 30min
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After the death of her mother, Audrey leaves the parental home and goes to a big city to look for her place in life and soon becomes a successful realtor of houses built in a fairy-tale style, which brought her a certain wealth, many friends, success and more. Her sister, Laura's twin, the exact opposite, remained with her father in a provincial town and helps him draw copies of paintings by famous artists. She is not a recluse watching herself, she envies kindly and admires her sister, and when she arrived home on their joint birthday and invites her to leave together in the city, she happily agrees. And although Audrey always told Laura that she was by herself she would not obey.

On the way, they get a car accident and Audrey dies on the spot. But even the father believes in the hospital that another died and the loser decides not to persuade them, smoothing out all unnecessary questions with a partial loss of memory. After going through many comic and dramatic moments of her new life, watching pretty 2013 realized that her sister was right and she only needed to be herself ...

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