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The Hurricane Heist (2018)
Year, country:
Rob Cohen
Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace, Ryan Kwanten
1h 43min
The large population living on the American coast expects a great catastrophe. On the ocean side, a strong hurricane, carrying great destruction, inexorably approaches, poses a huge danger for all residents of coastal areas. When the hurricane wind approaches, panicky citizens will try to escape from the impending natural disaster in every possible way, and all kinds of public services will begin to provide for an organized evacuation of citizens or immediate assistance to the victims. The police will take care of ordering in places of large congestion, refugees leaving the city, in order to avoid unflattering incidents. Watch free movie action, thriller The Hurricane Heist 2018 online. While law enforcement attention of the authorities on security will be focused on the security of fussy people in public places, they will digress from more serious facilities. Taking advantage of the convenient moment, the robbers intend to infiltrate the US Treasury and to give in cash in dollars six hundred million. After such extraction it is possible to say goodbye forever to criminal activity, ensuring to the end a luxurious. The implementation of a scrupulously thoughtful, ingenious plan begins according to the developed points. Suddenly, unforeseen, huge problems arise, destroying all the deliberate steps to the cherished goal. The terrible element raged with incredible force, the growing hurricane quickly reached the fifth category...