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Favorites Knight Of The Dead (2013)

Knight Of The Dead (2013) HD
Knight Of The Dead (2013)
Year, country:
Mark Atkins
Feth Greenwood, Vivien Vilela, Lee Bennett
1h 22min
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A lot of different trials may have to fall on human life that need to be resolved. And there is no time to think whether you can solve it or not. It is necessary to gather all the power and desire into a fist and to meet the challenges with a proudly raised head. The film takes place in the era of the early Middle Ages, namely, during the crusades. A squad of knights is on an important mission. In the performance of their missions, such turns can occur that even the most powerful and fearless are afraid. Not expecting, fate brought our heroes to a valley that has not seen life for a very long time. Our knights will face terrible trials, from which only the strongest will be able to get out. Can a decisive heart survive death? Will faith overcome despair? And also who can solve the mystery of the mysterious and deadly valley?

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