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Favorites Bastille Day (2014)

Bastille Day (2014) HD
Bastille Day (2014)
Year, country:
Rudolf van den Berg
Idris Elba, Kelly Reilly, Richard Madden,
1h 31min
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Michael Mason is one of those people who live off others. He is an excellent thief who can pull anything from anyone’s pocket. A second clash on the street, which from the side seems random, for the main character of the action movie “Cool Measures” is a chance to clear a stranger by appropriating his money and / or wristwatch. Once a man steals a woman’s bag, in a few seconds she takes out everything he needs from it, and throws the thing out under the doors of a street cafe. He walks away, and after a few seconds there is a powerful explosion. It soon becomes clear that in the bag stolen by Michael was a hand-assembled bomb. Despite the fact that the hero did not even know about the true contents of the stolen little thing, he became the main suspect in the commission of the attack. Michael begins to pursue a courageous FBI agent, Sean Bryar, whom even the authorities are sometimes afraid - he is painfully harsh, but fair. After a spectacular chase, Bryar still catches Mason, but when the thief convinces him of his innocence, they are at risk - an agent and suspect are hunted by a certain criminal organization that actually staged an explosion. Now comrades in misfortune have only a day to get to the truth and prevent new crimes.

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