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Favorites The Black Water Vampire (2014)

The Black Water Vampire (2014)
Year, country:
Evan Tramel
Andrea Monier, Danielle Lozeau, Anthony Fanelli
1h 22min
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The film begins when Daniel finds out the details of the high-profile case that is being investigated by the police of her town. Over the past few decades, corpses of four women were found in the forest near the city, who were killed in similar ways: the bodies of the victims were bloodless, and bite marks were found on them. The crimes were accused of a local resident Raymond Banks, who was immediately sentenced to death, but the man screams his innocence and does not admit his deed. The main character of the horror "Vampire of the Black Water" wants to prove the innocence of a man and persuades his friends to help her in this matter. Having hired an operator, they go to the forest to personally inspect the crime scene. But after the heroes came to the place where the first woman was killed, they could no longer find the way back. Trying to get out of the forest, Daniel notices that someone is following them. This will shock friends, but they will be even more frightened when they find out which monster is following in their wake ...

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