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Favorites Spenser Confidential (2020)

Spenser Confidential (2020)
Year, country:
Peter Berg
Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin
1h 51min
Spenser (Mark Wahlberg) is a policeman who has stood guard over the law for a long time. He always faithfully performed his work, but once he was set up. The hero was not just fired from the service, but was sentenced to several years in prison. Released, he decided once and for all to leave Boston. But before that, Spenser intends to brutally take revenge on everyone who ruined his life. He cannot forget what happened, as his friends and colleagues were killed. To implement the plan of revenge, Spenser joins forces with unsurpassed fighter Hawke. Will they be able to achieve their goal and win the deadly confrontation? .. Spenser Confidential (2020) full movie online in HD on FilmsCLUB.org
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