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Favorites Frankensteins Army (2013)

Frankensteins Army (2013) HD
Frankensteins Army (2013)
Year, country:
Richard Raaphorst
Robert Gwilym, Hon Ping Tang, Alexander Mercury
1h 24min
Frankensteins Army (2013) full movie online in HD on FilmsCLUB.org

In the spring of 1945, the cameraman Dmitry, at the command of Stalin himself, was placed at the disposal of one of the Soviet intelligence detachments. The combat unit under the command of Sergeant Mikhail Novikov is known for its many successfully completed missions. Dmitry’s task is to capture the exploits of scouts on a hand-held movie camera. During the fighting, the radio operator Novikov’s detachment accepts a request for help from the detachment with the call sign “Tiger Bear 303”. They were surrounded near a small mining town. The sergeant decides to move to the rescue. On the spot, they are waiting for the Nazi laboratory and its terrible inhabitants.

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