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Gimme Shelter (2013) HD
Gimme Shelter (2013)
Year, country:
Ron Krauss
Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser
1h 41min
Gimme Shelter (2013) full movie online in HD on FilmsCLUB.org

This movie will tell us about some young pregnant girl who once ran away from her family from her home from an incredibly angry and grumpy mother to begin the difficult search for her real biological dad, whom she had never seen before. Once, incredibly long ago, her father took it and simply unfeelingly abandoned them, as her mother, as it turned out, was only a short and casual connection in his stormy youth. After an incredibly long and rather difficult search, she still looks for her real lost dad, they get acquainted and try to accept each other, at the very beginning the man absolutely refuses to support the pregnant girl and puts pressure on her, demanding an abortion immediately, but after a short conversation and getting to know a little closer, a real father suddenly wakes up in him, about he turns on the mode - super daddies ...

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