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House Of Versace (2013)
Year, country:
Sara Sugarman
Gina Gershon, Enrico Colantoni, Colm Feore
1h 25min
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In the fashion world, there are many directions that have been created by brilliant people who look at things and make something magical of them. One of the founders of the largest fashion trend was the Versace House, opened by the world famous Gianni Versace. The Italian fashion designer founded his company in 1978, but after 19 years the tragedy turned everything that he created. The man died, and his brainchild came under the control of his sister Donatella. But this happened in a very difficult time for a woman - she suffered from drug addiction, spent all her free time at social events, and she had no interest in her brother's business. But the death of his own person, Donatella takes it very hard, and this becomes a turning point in her fate and the starting point in a life without drugs. Freed from the addiction, the heroine is trying to take the reins in her hands, and this brings new trends to the corporation. But how will the associates of the deceased fashion designer perceive this?