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The Grand Seduction (2013) HD
The Grand Seduction (2013)
Year, country:
Don McKellar
Taylor Kitsch, Brendan Gleeson, Liane Balaban
1h 53min
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Tickle Head is a small Canadian town that once flocked to people who wanted to live freely and humanly. However, over time it became very difficult to live in it, and most of its residents were forced to leave to work in a metropolis. Only 120 people remained to live in their beloved city, but they did not intend to just put up with this state of affairs. One day, one of the locals comes up with a wonderful idea - to build a chemical plant with which they could stop the ruin of the heart town. However, for this they need to find a doctor who would agree to live in Tickle Head, otherwise the government will not provide them with funds for the construction ...