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Favorites Deadly Descent (2013)

Deadly Descent (2013) HD
Deadly Descent (2013)
Year, country:
Marko Mäkilaakso
Adrian Paul, Chuck Campbell, Lauren O'Neil,
1h 25min
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A group of people went to the snowy mountains to find one of their own friends. The girl decided to gather all her friends for this, as her brother disappeared. The last time communication with him was maintained precisely in the snowy mountains. However, this “thread” of communication has disappeared. Several guys decide to get there by helicopter, not even knowing what difficulties they will be waiting for on the spot. But there is a good moment, for the brother of the heroine was found. And then something terrible will begin to happen. The weakest will be the first to suffer. But death on this dangerous territory is on the heels and the rest. Will the heroes have enough physical and moral strength to resist? Will any of them be able to return home alive? Or will this rescue operation take the lives of all its participants?