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Favorites Assault on Wall Street (2013)

Assault on Wall Street (2013) HD
Assault on Wall Street (2013)
Year, country:
Uwe Boll
Dominic Purcell, Edward Furlong, Erin Karpluk,
1h 39min
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Jim Baksvor is an ordinary average citizen. He is not rich, but has a stable job as a security guard, which completely suits him. He lives in New York, along with his wife Rosie, and really wants to have a baby. However, while undergoing tests, a girl is found to have a tumor. After a long course of treatment, the tumor disappears, but Rosie still has to take various drugs for a long time. But the couple simply does not have enough money for expensive medicines, because during the treatment they have completely exhausted their reserves. One could find a way out of this situation, if not for the financial crisis, which led to the ruin of many banks and companies, as well as to mass layoffs. Jim is on the verge of despair, but he is not going to watch his loved one die either. The young man finds a way out, but he has to take up arms ...