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Favorites Hayride (2012)

Hayride (2012) HD
Hayride (2012)
Year, country:
Terron R. Parsons
Richard Tyson, Sherri Eakin, Jeremy Ivy
1h 33min
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The protagonist of the action film is a young guy named Stephen Summers, who is a college student. During the holidays, he decides to visit his hometown in Alabama. Here, Stephen wants to see relatives and take part in his favorite event called “HauntedHayride”, which has a mystical connotation. The guy takes his girlfriend Amanda with him to introduce his relatives, show his hometown and talk about local customs. Young people plan to have fun and interestingly spend their holidays, but an event takes place that crosses out all their plans. It turns out that the maniac escaped from prison, and the heroes will have to face him. Even as a child, Stephen heard the legend of a farmer who walked the streets of the city and killed everyone who met on his way. The young man did not even suspect that he would have to face in reality the horror of his childhood. Serial maniac goes to a local holiday, where all the inhabitants will gather. But the killer has a goal - and this is not at all participation in the event. He wants to commit bloody atrocities. Will Stephen, Amanda and other residents of the town escape from the maniac?

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