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Favorites Dead Souls (2012)

Dead Souls (2012) HD
Dead Souls (2012)
Year, country:
Colin Theys
Jesse James, Magda Apanowicz, Bill Moseley
1h 32min
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Johnny Petrie is a young man who inherits an old abandoned farm. He once lived in it with his family. But he left these lands after a terrible tragedy. His father, who was a pastor, committed several terrible murders, after which he dealt with his relatives and shot himself. Johnny tried to forget this nightmare all his life, but the past reminded himself again. Now the hero decides to return to his hometown and try to figure out everything that happened. He does not believe that his father could have done all this horror in such a simple way, and there is something more behind this than it seems at first glance. Investigating pastor’s notes and interrogating local residents, Petri learns that his father preached black magic ...

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