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Favorites Offender (2012)

Offender (2012) HD
Offender (2012)
Year, country:
Ron Scalpello
Joe Cole, English Frank, Kimberley Nixon
1h 42min
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The main character of the picture is a young man named Tommy. His life was calm and measured up to a point. Girl Tommy is expecting a baby, so he carefully guards her. Once the unforeseen happens - a bunch of thugs attack the hero's lover. After the incident, the victim loses the child. Now Tommy is obsessed with revenge. He found out information about the criminals - it turns out they were already imprisoned, but for another offense. But this state of affairs does not suit the hero. Tommy organizes an attack on the servants of the law. As a result, he finds himself in the same place of imprisonment as the villains who encroached on his girlfriend. Will the young man succeed in fulfilling his revenge plan?

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