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Favorites Hooking Up (2020)

Hooking Up (2020)
Year, country:
Nico Raineau
Brianna Adams, Anna Akana, Michael Benefield
1h 44min

Darla is a sex journalist for a small magazine that allows sexual addiction to guide creative efforts. Due to this, for a long time she managed to create “sharp” content. But now there are serious problems with work, not to mention the fact that a woman has to visit a group to support sexoholics. In one of the classes, she confuses the audience and ends up in a group whose members survived after cancer. Here she meets Bailey, a guy with one testicle who is in danger of relapse. He finds himself in a difficult situation, because the only way to protect himself from the disease is to remove the remaining testicle. Acquaintance with him convinces Darla that she can still return the job! The heroine plans to travel with her new acquaintance across America to not only give him indecent memories, but also to regain work, describing their sexual adventures.

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