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Favorites One Glorious Sunset (2020)

One Glorious Sunset (2020)
Year, country:
Deanna Dewey
Jamie Bannerman, Stephanie Briggs, Tim Faraday
1h 30min
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Jackie and Sean are young and full of hope. But the dream of living on a paradise island disappears when Jackie's father, Robert, turns from a kind and loving person whom she once adored into a stranger. He looks the same, says the same, but his heart and soul have evaporated - he does not remember himself, not to mention his family. The tension builds up as others are affected by her father’s changing state, and it intensifies as Sean loses his job. Stability disappears as debts, deceit, and alcohol invade relationships. This seems to be the end - but what about dad? Do you really have to leave him to save the marriage? Rushing into the mountains is dangerous, but perhaps it is there that Robert will find his long-awaited magnificent sunset.

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