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Favorites Running with the Devil (2019)

Running with the Devil (2019)
Year, country:
Jason Cabell
Cole Hauser, Nicolas Cage, Leslie Bibb
1h 40min
Running with the Devil (2019) full movie 2019 online in FilmsCLUB.org

A large clandestine group involved in the transport of large quantities of narcotic substances is planning to deliver a shipment from Mexico to Canada via the United States of America. On the way to the destination, the cocaine consignment disappears under very strange circumstances, which, therefore, will lead to very poor results in the future. The boss is very angry, and demands to immediately solve the problem - to find expensive goods that had to be delivered to the customer on time. The law enforcement authorities are guilty of what happened, because of which, in fact, there was a drug interception. The boss decides to send his best employees who are able to solve the difficulties. "Cook" and "Guy" are definitely capable of this! The heroes of the movie “Cocaine Baron” obey the boss for a long time, completed a lot of transactions and repeatedly proved their exceptional skills. The partners will have to study the entire border protection system of different countries in order to be able to fulfill the task assigned to them. The task is quite difficult and requires tremendous effort. On their way there are many drug addicts and drug dealers who do not want to cooperate. But real problems arise when the feds begin to follow the guys. They have to go on the run, because if they catch it, the whole system will collapse.