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Favorites Maternal Instinct (2019)

Maternal Instinct (2019)
Year, country:
Michael Feifer
Adrienne Frantz, Christy Carlson Romano, Kacy Owens
1h 26min
Maternal Instinct (2019) stream online in FilmsCLUB.org

Fear for her family prompts a young woman to commit crimes. She infiltrates hospitals under the guise of an employee and steals newborn babies, carrying out the order of a criminal gang. Her daughter knows what her mother is doing and condemns her. However, the woman tries to convince herself and her child that she is not doing anything terrible, but simply helping childless families get a child. Once again, having received a new order, she gets into the hospital and kidnaps the baby. No one would think that a woman in a hospital uniform is a criminal. She is sure that no one can find her, only Kelly Ryan, who lost her child, is ready to do anything to get him back ...

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