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Altar Egos (2017)
Year, country:
Sean Morgan
Robert Amaya, Isabella Antinori, Kaylyn Aznavorian
1h 26min
A pastor named John and his wife, Betsy, laid their lives on the altar of the ministry of religion and the church. However, it seems to them that they are tramping on their righteous path on the spot: the number of believers is growing too slowly. The couple decided to take radical measures - to revise the format of the traditional Christmas presentation. This bold idea meets the violent rebuff of the old choir coach, Mary Margaret, who eventually leads the strike and announces to John boycott.

It seems that the humble days of the saints have come to an end. They can not find a common language with Mary, a representative of a completely different generation and outlook. Desperate, the holy father resorts to the last trick - disguises himself as an old man. The choir was again placed in the bosom of the church, the seemingly unqualified victory of the pastor. However, did the hero learn a lesson from this instructive situation, has he tamed his temper? The answer can be decisive.