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One Percent More Humid (2017)
Year, country:
Liz W. Garcia
Maggie Siff, Alessandro Nivola, Juno Temple
1h 38min
The plot of the movie "One Percent More Humid (2017)", which was well received at the Tribeca Festival, unfolds around two girls - Katherine and Iris, who have been friends since childhood. Previously, they were practically inseparable. But at some point they had to part to go to college. And now, during the summer holidays, they meet again. For the time that Catherine and Iris did not see each other, they had survived a lot. And now the girls decided to share with each other interesting stories, news from life and their experiences. Along the way, they are drawn into a new story, in which there was a place of friendship, love, adultery and unexpected turns. Therefore, after this summer vacation, Catherine and Iris will no longer be the same. In college they return completely different people.