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Red Army Hooligans (2018) HD
Red Army Hooligans (2018)
Year, country:
Steven M. Smith
Ray Whelan, Lee Nicholas Harris, Stella Paris
1h 26min
Great Britain is considered the place where the first formations of football hooligans appeared, gradually spreading a kind of cult in other countries where this sport develops. Now in England there are hundreds of such associations. Special aggressiveness and cruelty are distinguished by the London fans, fiercely defending the interests of their teams, arranging real cruel, bloody massacres at any convenient opportunity. Tony for a long time was the permanent, recognized leader of the most famous fan group, successfully operating in the streets of the English capital, horrifying the competing gangs of fans of the opposing clubs. Another fighting clash, in which the opponents turned out to be Russian football fans, had unpleasant consequences for the experienced fighter. In a fierce battle with irreconcilable opponents, Tony received a very serious head injury, which affected brain activity, damaging the victim's memory. The injured leader could no longer continue his previous activities as the leader of his fellow-fans, the way of life must be changed. After the tragic events a whole decade has passed, but it is impossible to forget this. An outraged, grown-up man never forgot that terrible day for him and the person who caused him a serious injury, which changed forever the subsequent course of life. He intends to take measures to find a long-time offender, putting the necessary diligence and perseverance to achieve the goal. He is going to act decisively, purposefully, to brutally avenge the sad events of a decade ago.