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Favorites The Invisible Man (2017)

The Invisible Man (2017) HD
The Invisible Man (2017)
Year, country:
Khian Bartlett, Carol Damgen
Rene Abelar, Zachary Bray, Chris Coon
1h 28min
Griffin is a talented scientist who has been diligently studying the functional capabilities of the human body for several years, trying to find a way to make the physical body completely invisible without causing serious harm, excluding unpleasant side deviations. Experimental activity in this direction, supported by carefully developed theoretical data, until a certain moment did not give a positive effect, leading to endless, unfortunate setbacks.

Long-term, hard work of the enthusiastic hero of the fantastic film "The Invisible Man" 2017 was once rewarded with the long-awaited victory. He invented a unique chemical preparation that makes the biological tissues of the body invisible when injected into the blood of the subject. It remained to test the substance on a volunteer, which Griffin decided to become himself. When the test sample began to operate, the subject felt himself incredibly strong, feeling superior to the surrounding people who could not see him.

Now he has penetrated with impunity any premises, arranging harmless rallies, enjoying a kind of power. However, the carefree existence of the invisible will soon cease, serious problems that threaten his life will arise. People began to frighten the presence of something inexplicable nearby and elusive, so they decided to get rid of an invisible threat.