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Favorites The Serpent (2020)

The Serpent (2020)
Year, country:
Deon Taylor
Hilary Swank, Michael Ealy, Mike Colter
1h 42min
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This story is inspired by real events and tells of the arrest of serial killer Charles Sobrazh. The series "Serpent", which the BBC channel will air in 2020, is a crime drama about a psychopath who killed at least 12 people. Sobraj is a Frenchman of Vietnamese descent who hunted young Western tourists in the 75s and 76s of the last century in India, Thailand and Nepal. In the press, he received the nickname Bikini Killer.

He has repeatedly eluded police around the world, becoming Interpol's most wanted criminal. A warrant for his arrest was issued on three continents. Six years ago, when Charles was 70, the possibility arose that he could get parole due to his advanced age.

Therefore, the Nepalese authorities opened one of the closed criminal cases on the murder of two friends in Kathmandu. Although almost four decades have passed since then. Detective project The Serpent, this is a story about how Sobrazh was caught. It happened in the 76th, when he planned to commit another crime, but everything did not go according to plan.
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