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Favorites Zappa (2020)

Zappa (2020)
Year, country:
Alex Winter
Alice Cooper, Arsenio Hall, David Bowie
2h 9min
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What is a man like Frank Zappa famous for? The answer is very simple. This hero loves creativity so much that he sees the world only through the prism of his creativity. Someone will consider him an eccentric, someone will decide that truly talented people have their own cockroaches. He is a direct confirmation of the fact that a genius is talented in everything, but popularity and fame did not find him at once. He has come a long way before becoming: composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, experimental musician, as well as sound and film director. A great track record and this is just the beginning of his career. Most of all he loved rock. He was a pioneer in many directions, but he was always faithful to rock. How his career and life will end, and how exactly he will go down in history, you can find out right now. Archival footage from the home collection was also included in this documentary. They will reveal the hero from a different side.
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