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Favorites Don't Tell a Soul (2020)

Don't Tell a Soul (2020)
Year, country:
Alex McAulay
Fionn Whitehead, Jack Dylan Grazer, Mena Suvari
1h 23min
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Joey and Matt are siblings, all mindful of their mother's illness. Treatment requires a lot of money, which the family never had. Wanting to help their loved one, the guys decide to take a very serious step. For the first time in their lives, brothers are ready to break the law. They climb into an empty mansion, hoping to find valuable things there. When the heroes leave the house, they have unwanted witnesses. Hamby works as a security guard, so he begins to chase the robbers who entered his territory. However, he fails to apprehend the criminals as he falls into an abandoned well. Hamby survives, but a broken leg prevents him from getting out. The death trap is located in a secluded place where it is difficult to meet a random passer-by. Now only the brothers know about the location of the guard and his serious condition. From that moment on, they face an incredibly difficult choice: to inform the rescuers about what happened, thereby giving themselves away, or to become killers? ..

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