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Favorites Black Box (2020)

Black Box (2020)
Year, country:
Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour
Mamoudou Athie, Phylicia Rashad, Amanda Christine
1h 40min
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In the movie Black Box (2020), our brain is a mystery and even the most talented and brilliant scientists cannot solve it. Professors conduct a lot of experiments, many of which give results, but they also turn out to be completely inexplicable from a logical point of view. A person's memory is formed from his lived life, but no one knows what happens beyond the bounds. Do rebirths exist, and can a person connect to someone else's consciousness and be an accumulator or translator, capturing the emotional and physical state of others? The protagonist, an ordinary man who got into a car accident with his family, had to find out and feel this from his own experience.

As a result of a terrible accident, he lost his beloved wife, and waking up in the middle of white walls and people in white coats scurrying in different directions, he realized that he was lying in a hospital bed and remembered nothing at all about his life. Soon he learned about his daughter, whom he had to raise alone. The girl began to take care of her father: she left him reminder notes and made sandwiches for work. But, this could not continue further. He was the man on whom the responsibility fell, and was obliged to take care of the baby. And, for the sake of his daughter, he soon decided on experimental treatment, during which he began to remember frightening things. Not believing in what he saw, the hero began to assume that fragments from the past did not belong to him, but to someone else.

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