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Favorites The House Next Door (2021)

The House Next Door (2021)
Year, country:
Deon Taylor
Mike EppsKatt WilliamsBresha Webb
1h 37min
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Karl lives with his family in Beverly Hills. Every day is like a holiday for them. But one day a nightmare comes into their family life. Having survived it, the heroes of the film "House next door" understand that they want peace and quiet.

While trying to find a way to bring harmony back to the family, Karl decides that they need to live in his childhood home. He has only the most pleasant memories associated with him. He also hopes to start work on his next bestseller book there.

Returning home, Karl realizes that the situation is completely different from what he described to himself in his fantasies. Much has changed here during his absence. But the worst part is that there is a pimp in the neighborhood that looks like the stereotypical vampire from horror movies. Some even say that he drinks human blood. And if you consider that this pimp lives in the next house, then the situation becomes unbearable. And how can one find the peace and quiet that are so necessary for writing a book?

On reflection, the protagonist of the film "House next door" decides to get rid of the criminal element, settled nearby.

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