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Favorites Plan B (2021)

Plan B (2021)
Year, country:
Natalie Morales
Kuhoo VermaVictoria MorolesMichael Provost
1h 47min
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In the center of the plot is a high school student who thinks more about relationships with guys than about her studies. She is sure that it is high time for her to move to a new level of communication with boys. The girl has not even kissed yet, while all her friends are already having sex life. At one of the parties, she decides to let go of all thoughts and take the initiative in a relationship with an attractive guy. Alcohol intoxication is doing its job and young people spend the night together. But in the morning, the girl realizes that she can get pregnant, because she discovered a problem with protection. Now she needs to take a special hormonal pill that is not available without a prescription. Will the heroine be able to solve this problem? ..

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