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The FilmsCLUB.org brings together the riches of social video libraries, archives, and makes them freely available to the world. The FilmsCLUB.org aims to expand this crucial realm of openly available materials, and make those riches more easily discovered and more widely usable and used.

For most of human history, the ability to access materials for free through public libraries has been a central part of our culture, producing generations of avid readers and a knowledgeable, engaged citizenry. The FilmsCLUB.org works, along with like-minded organizations and individuals, to ensure that this critical, open intellectual landscape remains vibrant and broad in the face of increasingly restrictive digital options. The FilmsCLUB.org seeks to multiply openly accessible materials to strengthen the public option that video libraries represent in their communities.

The FilmsCLUB.org would not exist without the collaboration of its many partners, organizations that both contribute their content and metadata to the Free Films and help other free libraries, archives, and cultural heritage institutions participate in the FilmsCLUB.org network.

The goal of the project is to strengthen and connect existing state and regional infrastructure to create a system of service and content from which aggregated data from video libraries, societies and archives are harvested.скачать софт