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The Man from Earth (2007) HD
The Man from Earth (2007)
Year, country:
Richard Schenkman
David Lee Smith, Tony Todd, John Billingsley
1h 27min
Full movie drama, sci-fi The Man from Earth  (2007) online in ffilms.club
"Man from the Earth," directed by Richard Shankman. This amazing and fantastic film was released on wide screens on June 10 in 2007. Starring roles played by David Lee Smith and Tony Todd. The idea of the film is very original, the wonderful work of the director and cameraman, the mysterious atmosphere and intelligent dialogues - all this will not leave indifferent fans of science fiction.
The plot of the film takes place over one evening and one night. John Oldman is a university professor who unexpectedly decides to move. At a farewell party inviting friends and acquaintances, he tells them that he is in fact the "Caveman" of the Madeleine culture. He also told that at the age of thirty-five he had ceased to age and lived to this day. John is forced to move, only due to the fact that others notice not the variability of his appearance. And so he has to move to a different place every ten years in order to start a new life, where no one knows him. At first no one believed in such nonsense, but when John began to talk about his long life, where he was a Sumer, a disciple of Buddha, he was acquainted with Van Gogh, etc. One of the guests realized that he was his father, and someone I wanted to go on a new journey with John, and someone died ...
Anyone can watch online the sci-fi film “Man from the Earth” in good HD quality, besides absolutely free and without registration. We wish you a pleasant and fascinating view!
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