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Favorites Bee Movie (2007)

Bee Movie (2007) SD
Bee Movie (2007)
Year, country:
Steve Hickner Simon J. Smith
Jerry Seinfeld, Renée Zellweger, Matthew Broderick
1h 31min
Full movie comedy, adventure, animation Bee Movie (2007) online in ffilms.club
An unusual animated film "Bee Movie: Honey Plot" tells us about the life of a bee with the resounding name of Barry Bee Nelson.

Barry lived an ordinary bee life, was engaged in bee affairs, he studied at the bee college. But one day, Barry realized that being a simple honey picker is not his path. The desperate striped bee scion decides to leave the native hive in order to learn the secrets of the life going on outside. But the adventures that await him outside his home are not so safe.

Barry gets into different scrape, because even the most ordinary rain becomes a hardship for a bee, and this is only the beginning ... Barry Bee Nelson gets into the house of Vanessa's New York flower girl. The poor insect is in mortal danger, but the mistress of the house saves Barry. Barry is subdued by this act and decides to make friends with his savior. Of course, for Vanessa it was a complete shock when a bee spoke to her, but it still did not prevent them from making friends. Subsequently, Vanessa helps Barry Bee Nelson defend the rights of all bees, but where does it go?
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