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The Color of Magic (2008) HD
The Color of Magic (2008)
Year, country:
Vadim Jean
David Jason, Sean Astin, Tim Curry,
3h 11min
Full movie comedy, adventure, family The Color of Magic (2008) online in ffilms.club
“The Color of Magic” is a television film based on two fantasy novels by Terry Pratchett about the wizard-ken Rincewind.

The dropout Rinswind, who for forty years of study had barely reached the first level of magic, is shamefully banished from Invisible University. However, a pitying fate gives the exile a chance to rehabilitate: in a dirty tavern, the unlucky wizard meets a trusting guest from the Agate Empire. The naive traveler Dvatsvetok, the happy owner of a living chest, a magic phrase book and a pile of coins, is looking for a guide from Ankh-Morpork. Inquisitive Dvatsvetok wants to see the true life of the main city of the Flat World: the Beggars Guild, the temple of small gods, the famous Cohen-Barbara and the Invisible University.

Lured by the brilliance of the coins, Rincewind agrees to help the first tourist of the Disc, not knowing that he is throwing himself into new troubles. The failing wizard and visiting guest are now waiting for unsafe adventures, such as encounters with fire-breathing dragons, stupid trolls, the Thieves Guild, the treacherous magician Trimon and Death himself.
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