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Favorites Poison Ivy: The Secret Society (2008)

Poison Ivy: The Secret Society (2008)
Year, country:
Jason Hreno
Ryan Kennedy, Shawna Waldron, Miriam McDonald,
1h 35min
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It's time to go to college, it's time to start studying. Senior girls greet all arrivals standing on the balcony and discuss each, taking note of suitable, well-to-do parents of girls. Daniel, an orphan from Iowa, who took out a loan for training, laying down her land to study sociology, is clearly not suitable for them. However, one of them draws the attention of the others to the fact that Daniel has a second name "for friends" - Daisy (Marguerite).

In the meantime, the old suitcase did not take such a long way and fell apart for the joy of the public. And, that no one expected, Daisy's help was hurried by the local handsome and secret dream of almost all college girls, Blake. He is the joy of the pope and his mother - the only son of the Dekansha Elizabeth and Professor Andrew.

Having settled in the dorm room, having met her neighbor, the girl in the movie "Poison Ivy: The Secret Society" heard from her about the secret society of ivy in college. It includes several girls, in their hands - hundreds of strings, podggav for which, they play live people on demand. One notable feature - all the girls have "flower" names - Azalia is the main one. They are in "authority" - all "tricks" remain unpunished, even the death of a student, because they are covered by a dean.
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