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Favorites Blood Shot (2013)

Blood Shot (2013)
Year, country:
Dietrich Johnston
Brennan Elliott, Michael Bailey Smith, Brad Dourif
1h 32min
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The United States has suffered a lot from the terrorist attacks committed by residents of the Middle East. This time, the terrorists are preparing a powerful and terrible operation, intending to destroy as many Americans as possible. To resist such forces of the East is almost impossible, so the US government is making a deal with dark forces. The policemen now have to place their hopes not on the mercy of heaven, but, on the contrary, on the help of the devil. The fearless servant of the law, Van Helsing, who still believes in the existence of the other world, is united with the terrible murderous vampire who once sold his soul to the Devil and is the embodiment of horror and nightmare. Vampire will not stop anything in its path: neither heavy bullets, nor the strongest explosions, nor the threat of ruthless terrorists. And the insane policeman will control the unprecedented power of this “horror of the night” to withstand the upcoming operation to destroy the United States.